Making a Covid-19 related claim


Did you know, most Airlines, Tour Operators and Hotels offer flexible booking and free cancellation so please make sure you speak with them first - it's the quickest and easiest way to get repaid!

Every claim needs supporting documentation, including claims related to Covid-19. If you've tested positive for Covid-19 and need to make a claim, we'll need official confirmation before we can look at your claim. Here's what we'll need:

  • We will accept a medical practitioner’s report confirming unfit to travel as like any other illness. We also will now accept a positive self-administered lateral/antigen test if the insured member has photographic evidence of the positive test result.
  • Your booking invoice: showing a breakdown of the original trip costs, the dates of your trip and your name.
  • Your cancellation invoice(s) or 'no-show' email showing cancellation charges, cancellation date and any refunds they will make to you. We'll need this information from your tour operator or for each element if you booked your trip yourself (hotel, flight, car hire etc).